3 current and future challenges facing the cybersecurity industry in the region.

Our region increasingly understands the importance of cybersecurity at a business and governmental level, so here are 3 important challenges for the industry that we need to overcome to improve our protection.   

At the end of the year and with the plans of companies already being built to face 2023, it is essential to map all aspects that will allow the proper development of activities; and one of the most crucial is cybersecurity, an issue in which the region still has a long way to go and it is necessary to be aware of it.

1. Growth of cybercrime: The cost of cyber-attacks is expected to exceed US$10.5 billion this year. Although the region has been making enormous efforts in this area and companies have joined in with their collective plans, the figures show that there is still not enough counterweight to lower security rates in the digital environment; on the contrary, they continue to increase. 

2. Remote and hybrid work: These new ways of working, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and quickly adapted by the countries of the region, are accompanied by a general lack of awareness of cybersecurity. For now each person working from home, using their own networks and electronic devices is an additional point to protect that was not previously contemplated.

3. Education and awareness: This challenge is one of the most crucial facing businesses and governments. Most cyber-attacks can be avoided only with sufficient knowledge to do so, however, the low levels of awareness of individuals lead them to enter unsecured sites, open malicious emails, among others. The solution is based on education for everyone involved in order to increase the security of institutions. 

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