3 cybercrime prevention tips for SMEs.

Studies state that 7 out of 10 cyber-attacks target small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs), of which 60% disappear 6 months later. Argentina is the fourth most vulnerable country in Latin America to cybercrime.

The focus of criminals is information and their radar is oriented towards vulnerabilities in systems, turning every unprotected company into the target of crime and power. After being victims of attacks, SMEs many times do not have the financial muscle to recover seized information. This means they can lose valuable customer information which, depending on the criticality, can lead to sanctions or lawsuits from customers. For these and other reasons, companies tend to disappear. On the other hand, it is of great importance to them to establish prevention and protection measures that guarantee the security of their information.

Adriana Cristina Jimenez Soler, our Regional Product Specialist, shares 3 tips to avoid being the next victims to cybercrime:

Implement specialized security solutions

 Implementing security solutions that protect against attacks, theft and seizing of information, guarantees and ensures not only the integrity of your company’s data, but also the continuity and growth of it. Being the victim of a cyber-attack has a very strong economic impact for the company, and acquiring security services would mitigate these risks, guaranteeing the peace of mind and confidence that both the information and the operation are protected by robust and specialized systems.

Training and awareness of employees

Employees are one of the biggest lures for cyber criminals and the gateway for theft and entry of threats, because they have access to much of the company’s data and applications. This is why it is of vital importance to teach them better security practices, precautions when sharing information and opening documents from unknown destinations, among other things.

 Monitoring and alarm systems

The implementation of monitoring and analysis tools enables companies to have a critical view, where risks of attack are proactively identified, collected, analyzed and correlated with events that surpass the infrastructure, performing proactively, mitigating threats and violations to company privacy.

The foundations of any company are the main key to its future success and security has become, without a doubt, an essential variable in the growth of SMEs, making sure its roots are reinforced in the battle against cybercrime.