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IFX Networks About Us


This year we're celebrating our 15th year anniversary in the telecommunications market. With a presence in over 16 countries in the region, fully integrated into a regional backbone architecture and powered by strong partnerships with local providers in each county, we're mastered the ability to reach and integrate communications throughout Latin America providing the highest telecom solutions.

We work under the concept of One-Stop-Shop, which facilitates the operations and communications of our customers providing a single point of contact for monitoring and management of all service contracts, invoicing, account management and 24x7x365 customer support.

By owning network infrastructure and interconnecting with major providers across the region, we qualify as one of the few Neutral Carriers in the world. This allows us to provide our clients with the best alternatives to access each country and offer our portfolio of services under one comprehensive solution.


IFX Networks is a company with performance in the segment of Information Technology and Communications that develops and provides integrated telecommunications solutions to companies with a presence in America, using technology profitably, and geared to meet the needs and growth of our clients. It simultaniously provides spaces for the welfare and continuous education of its employees by promoting an appropriate environment to ensure compliance to the levels of service quality and organizational and cultural growth of the company.


By 2016, IFX Networks will be the service based communication technology leader provider to companies with operations in multiple Latin American countries designing solutions and providing expert and ongoing support.


For 15 years we´ve grown our infrastructure, reaching new markets, optimizing our own internal processes, and incorporating new technologies and solutions to our portfolio, along with new locations and Points of Presence. Today, we´re proud to be one of the few multinational neutral carriers providing a One-Stop-Shop solution for all your telecom needs.