For over a decade, Argentina’s leading food company (a leader in global candy production and the main exporter of sweets in the region) has relied on IFX’s connectivity services.

We spoke with Nicolás Rodríguez, the Leader of Infrastructure and Communications, who highlights IFX’s regional capabilities to support their business.

What were the company’s goals and needs?

Our relationship with IFX Networks began because they were the only company that provided MPLS service through radio to our farms in Mendoza which are very far from the city. We began our relationship with IFX almost a decade ago with four MPLS links and one in a data center to provide connectivity to our company.

Afterwards, we hired more MPLS services and added them to the providers we already had. We started hiring different services, especially international ones, which provided us with the greatest amount of connections. In 2019 we began to implement SD-WAN which resulted in us gradually migrating the MPLS links to the internet due to SD-WAN’s nature. At present, we have internet links with IFX both in Argentina and abroad.

What solution did IFX offer?

IFX offered a radio MPLS link for a location where no other provider arrived. Afterwards, we were offered MPLS and international link solutions, perhaps with better costs than other companies that we had been working with. Therefore, most or many of them were obtained through IFX’s different certifications.

How did the company benefit from the solution offered by IFX?

One of the main benefits was that IFX could quote us in Argentina and abroad, which was generally competitive cost-wise. In general, the implementations were carried out on time and the company provided and exemplary service.

Considering the previous questions, what do you think about your experience with IFX?

Since the last update, each service has been up-to-standard. Even though the market has developed its links to perform with higher reliability, IFX consistently performs smoothly.

Our Service Manager, Mónica González, who we initially did not have to contact for issues, has maintained regular contact with us which has helped tremendously. It is extremely valuable to have someone who is constantly checking if everything is functioning as planned or if we need assistance with anything. This really sets IFX aside from other suppliers.

In conclusion, there are three main points to highlight:

  • Quote/Negotiation: IFX provides timely quotes. Even though most companies nowadays have speeded up their quotation process to compete with the rest of the market, IFX quoted in a week while other suppliers took around a month.
  • Implementation: We generally had good results with IFX in terms of meeting the times and services expected.
  • Support: We are satisfied with the links’ service and performance.