FID Seguros is a general insurance company present in Chile that began in early 2020, displaying an explosive growth since then.

Ignacio Trujillo, the company’s Finance and Technology manager, explained how important it was for them to have a tech partner like IFX Networks to help them grow successfully. He highlighted the human quality of the team  who has worked hard to share their know-how to make the most of the technological solutions implemented.

What were the main issues and technological needs you had as a company?

The company began as a startup. We had the support of 2 international groups: Fidelidade, a Portuguese insurance firm and Fosun, a private Chinese investment firm. With that in mind, in the beginning of 2019, or the end of 2018, we were faced with the challenge to set up our insurance company and we needed a partner who could assist with supplying the office automation equipment this called for: licenses, notebooks, etc., in addition to all the networks required to connect a central office and 3 branches.

Through research and speaking with some industry colleagues, we came across IFX Networks. Within our team, no one had previously worked with them. However, we met Francisco Fuentes, and we instantly clicked. We felt that IFX could be a great partner for this challenge and because of that, we decided to embark with them.

We started with a relatively small project, mainly related to setting up our office, the communication networks and all the equipment necessary for the team of 20 people that made up the company at the time (currently our team is comprised of 200 internal and external employees).

With that in mind, what was most striking is that IFX not only trusted, but they bet on us. We weren’t previously acquainted, but we quickly became strategic partners, and they were able to build the technological roll out that FID Seguros needed: licensing, security, networks, connectivity with the US, etc.

What was the solution IFX offered?

When we started the company, we felt we needed a traditional model. Given this, the solution IFX offered allowed us to equip our central office in Santiago and 3 branches in other cities: Viña del Mar, Valdivia and La Serena. This included notebooks, office automation licenses, communication networks, security, etc. However, due to the pandemic, this also offered a great opportunity to be more flexible in relation to remote working for our branches. We were able to change our idea and we also decided to implement our “Regional Business Centers”.

This adjustment to the initial proposal allowed us to enable – in addition to the 3 branches – 10 work centers in different cities within the country, which we called “Regional Business Centers”, granting each of them the technological resources needed, from Santiago. Consequently, we were able to forge a direct relationship with the local brokers, who oversee our product distribution.

How did FID Seguros benefit from the proposal IFX Networks offered?

One of the main advantages was flexibility, IFX is not a restrictive company, nor were they ever unable to deliver a product or service. If anything, we consider IFX a partner able to find solutions to specific problems related to the context of our business.

The people behind the company have been paramount to our growth. We haven’t had any issues with coverage within the regions. On the contrary, the team is able to act quickly and with the best disposition.

What has been the most significant difference between IFX Networks’s proposal compared to other companies?

Normally, before selecting a tech partner, we would have at least 3 options. I think the reason for choosing IFX over other companies was that we saw in IFX the ideal team. The executive that assisted us was quick, he was committed to this project, and he believed in us, because at that time we had just begun our operations.

In addition, the prices were always competitive, as was the tech proposal provided. However, what really made a difference was the team. They conveyed a sense of confidence and commitment with our business.

Could you give your opinion on the experience you’ve had with IFX Networks regarding the service?

What has been crucial in this business partner relationship is that IFX has the backing and capacity to assist a company that is quickly growing, I can say IFX has always supported us.

Additionally, it has also been important that they’ve been able to show us trends and new technological solutions that we can employ to enhance our business, considering of course, the best way to integrate them with the available options. IFX has guided us to correctly use and get the most out of each solution, in addition to encouraging us to learn more about new technologies every day.