IFX Clear Path improves communication experience with public cloud.

IFX Networks introduces IFX Clear Path, a product that allows end user to improve experience in communication with different public clouds’ resources.

The new service is supported by a very robust IP/MPLS network at a regional level that ensures a high-performance private connectivity with a guaranteed bandwidth and end-to-end stability. It also provides the possibility of having hybrid environments interconnecting public clouds with resources in private clouds and service flexibility. This allows users a gradual and agile growth together with a cost effective solution. It also has the possibility to increase scope of monitoring your dedicated circuit and we can even think in an advanced monitoring in parallel with its public cloud resources.

IFX Clear Path can contribute business processes significantly, as many companies use business applications that require more efficient connectivity schemes than that of a typical connection through internet. It is in these scenarios where companies may find great value in a product like IFX Clear Path. Clouds suggest users to choose one of these connectivity schemes for higher efficiency in resource consumption as well.

For our current customers, it can represent a benefit, as they could have private and dedicated connections to multiple public clouds easily and with fast deployment. This allows efficient and safe consumption for business-critical resources.

“IFX Networks is committed to multi-cloud strategy where connectivity possibilities are appropriate to improve customer experience and they can have more robust and reliable IT schemes for their businesses. This is part of an ecosystem that guides and supports companies on their digital transformation journey which is very important for our industry, because we are their business partners, and it will help them become more efficient in their businesses” Jose Nilso Camargo, Regional Architect of IFX Networks Solutions.