IFX Mail Protection: advanced email protection

This new security solution offers advanced email protection against next-generation threats. 

IFX’s new service guarantees protection against espionage, spam floods, information hijacking risk (ransomware), identity theft attempts (phishing), malicious software downloads (malware) and cyber-attacks. It detects outgoing spam, and differentiates and separates legitimate corporate mail from automated bulk mailings. 

Email has become the main attack focus for cybercriminals. Since it is the most used service for business communications, it makes it easier for attackers to reach two main goals. On the one hand, it allows them to reach the end user and obtain the desired information. On the other, it helps them host malware that spreads quickly and automatically throughout the network. It is important to highlight the number of attacks via email. This exceeds 90%, without discriminating the organization’s size. Phishing leads the list with 96%.

“IFX Mail Protection provides security solutions that incorporate innovative technologies capable of detecting and blocking malware in real time, thus preventing it from spreading to the rest of the company,” says Adriana Jiménez, Regional Product Specialist at IFX Networks.

“Thanks to IFX Mail Protection, IFX Network’s clients in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and the United States have a robust and specialized advanced mail protection system. It prevents third parties from spying on email data during transmission, detecting malicious script commands, and checking the legitimacy of the sender and its content. It also blocks spam in incoming and outgoing emails “, explains Adriana Jiménez

In this context, organizations benefit greatly from the following functionalities: 
Phishing filter. Effectively protects users from phishing emails. Detects malicious script commands and stops dangerous downloads.
Link tracking. Incoming and outgoing emails are automatically scanned for malicious URLs. This prevents the user from accidentally clicking a link to an infected page, downloading malware, or forwarding malicious links.
Dynamic virus outbreak detection. The early warning system stops new and unknown viruses. Continuously scans for attachments, links, senders, or unusual content from incoming emails to email accounts that are only intended to receive spam.
Fraud attempt analysis. Checks the authenticity and integrity of corporate email content and metadata.
Recognition of identity theft (spoofing). Detection and blocking of false identities of senders.
Spy Detection. Defence against espionage attacks to obtain sensitive information.
Advanced Anti-Ransomware Protection. Sandboxing technology and premium local protection service to protect email from advanced, persistent threats (ransomware and cryptolocker). 

According to Adriana Jiménez, “the increase in threats and the continuous development of new attacks mean that the demands of our clients in terms of security increase daily. This is why it is essential for us at IFX Networks to develop and adopt cutting-edge technologies that allow us to protect our customers and provide them with the security and confidence of keeping their information available and reliable ”.