IFX Networks announces a program designed to generate alliances and boost businesses

The company invites partners and channels from all over the country to strengthen their service ecosystem.

Buenos Aires, January 27, 2022 – The pandemic and social isolation have, without a doubt, brought on several challenges and changes for organizations. Many companies have developed strategic alliances to strengthen their businesses and achieve greater results.

IFX Networks, a leading MSP, understands the importance of these alliances and invites new partners to join its channels program.

With this initiative, technology-based organizations from all over the country can strengthen their services, creating an alliance that allows them to enhance and improve their service portfolios by adding IFX’s solutions and obtaining multiple competitive advantages. Additionally, the program covers each business partner’s needs by helping them specialize in innovative solutions focused on their clients.

Gabriel Ochoa, Head of Channels at IFX, highlights the exponential growth in recent years and the construction of a diverse ecosystem that includes partners specialized in software factory, consulting, cybersecurity, hardware, and even alliances with the most important ERPs in the country.

“This program seeks to generate value-added offers that are perceived by our business partners, obtaining sustained growth as a result. We would like to extend an offer to all companies interested in joining our channel program to inform them about our two modalities: “Direct Channel” and “Indirect Channel”. Both modalities provide our customers with unique benefits such as monthly recurring commission, training on new technologies, special prices for integrating solutions, etc., depending on the applied model”, states Ochoa.

Some of the additional benefits that an IFX partner can obtain include:

Amplifying their business both locally and internationally, since IFX Networks is part of a consortium of international companies with a significant presence in Latin America and the United States.

Enlarging their service portfolio

– Having 24-hour technical support, both for the company and its customers.

– Carrying out joint marketing initiatives.

– Gaining access to training on the company’s service portfolio.

Within the roadmap of solutions, IFX offers a “cloud” family set up on its own data center infrastructure. These solutions allow companies to optimize resources, ensure high availability and governance of information and meet the highest security standards.

“This program is a great opportunity to market services in the cloud with a local data center in Argentina and with low latencies”, highlights Ochoa.

Why is it essential to join the cloud?

1. Data center access: A technology provider’s data centers are not located at the customer’s physical location. Users access the system via the Internet and most cloud service providers manage solution updates and data protection for their customers.

2. Business strategy: Now more than ever, cloud servers are a technological partner and a provider of hosting services, especially when they can apply customized solutions to their products with adaptability to each business model. This optimizes resources especially when functioning agnostically while complementing the technological architectures of each client, such as IFX Networks.

3. Security: The most important asset of a company is its data. The data governance offered by the cloud prevents information from leaving the company, allowing data to be centrally managed. Consequently, when looking for cloud solutions, it is essential to consider extension and robustness with several layers of security.

To join the IFX Networks channel program and obtain these benefits, companies can register here.