IFX Networks presents IFX Security Analyzer

IFX Security Analyzer allows companies to analyze security data centrally and automatically, a necessary solution in a context where cyber threats are continuously growing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, cyber-attacks and threats of all kinds have grown by leaps and bounds. There are several concerns that many individuals and companies are still not prioritizing over other aspects when using technology. Among these concerns are aspects like private virtual data security, and the control and monitoring of possible cyber-attacks. 

According to the latest Avast 2020 global PC risk report, Argentina is the third country in Latin America with the most digital threats. According to the same study, PC users’ risk of encountering a cyber threat grew by 27% compared to last year. The Argentine Association Against Cybercrime (Asociación Argentina de Lucha Contra el Cibercrimen, AALCC) even indicated an increase in crimes such as online extortion (20.42%), phishing (16.53%) and fraud (14.89%) during quarantine.

That is why IFX Networks is dedicated to helping companies monitor and detect attacks that threaten their computers’ security by using IFX Security Analyzer. This service allows the customer to view, collect, analyze, and generate reports concerning security events and attack patterns centrally and automatically. Its objective is to illustrate the traffic generated by security devices, identifying threats, and creating a proactive forensic analysis wherever an immediate response is required.

This tool enhances analysis, journaling and reporting functions, allowing any company to correlate data from different security devices in real time. IFX Security Analyzer also simplifies vulnerability management and incident investigation.

As digital attacks grow steadily, organizations are adopting innovative technologies that go beyond their control. Added to this are robust, distributed and isolated infrastructures, which prevent having a clear overview of what is happening in the organization”, states Adriana Jiménez, Regional Product Specialist at IFX Networks.

IFX Networks customers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, the United States and Panama will have a comprehensive, non-isolated view of the traffic generated by their security devices and system events. It is essential for companies to have a clear and consistent view of their security status. In this context, customers will benefit enormously from the following functionalities:

  • Advanced threat detection and correlation. Ability to promptly identify and respond to attacks and possible vulnerability situations.
  • Report automation. Provides dashboards, reports, and flow controllers for auditing and regulatory compliance.
  • Point-to-point visibility. Ensures event correlation and threat detection. The compromise indicator service reduces network threat detection time.
  • Incident detection. Event management and identification of compromised endpoints.
  • Flexible deployment and file storage. Supports deployment of virtual devices and appliances hosted on servers or in the cloud.
  • Security Operations Center. Provides actionable views of log and threat data. In addition to the network, it encompasses websites, applications, databases, servers, data centers and other technologies, through centralized monitoring

Being alert and prepared for these types of threats has become increasingly difficult, Jiménez explains. She states that “The increase in threats and the continuous development of new attacks mean that our customers’ demands for security increase daily. That is why it is essential for IFX Networks to both develop and adopt cutting-edge technologies. This way we will not only help our customers with their computer security, but also assist them in keeping their information safe and on hand at all times.”