IFX Networks won the SOPHOS 2023 Partner of the Year Award

May 26th, 2023

IFX Networks, leader in cybersecurity solutions, has been granted the SOPHOS 2023 Partner of the Year Award. The company’s strategic focus on cybersecurity and dedication to providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions for their customers has helped them achieve this coveted award.

SOPHOS award acknowledges the dedication and hard work of IFX Network’s team; their technical experience, passion for excellence, and accuracy have been key in being awarded this outstanding achievement in the cybersecurity industry.

IFX Networks is honored to receive this award as one the most important SOPHOS partners in the region. This distinction underlines IFX Networks’ commitment to providing exceptional services to their customers, safeguarding their critical data through the best solutions and products in cybersecurity.

Kendra Krause, Senior VP of SOPHOS Global Channels and Sales Operations explained that SOPHOS is honored to work with the awarded partners devoted to offering outstanding cybersecurity results to thwart hackers.

As a SOPHOS partner, IFX Networks offers comprehensive and custom-made solutions that increase the security, reliability, and availability of their customers’ most critical corporate data. The strategic partnership between IFX Networks and SOPHOS provides advanced technology and unparalleled security support for their customers’ daily operations.

IFX Networks ratifies their commitment to focus on innovation and providing innovative solutions in cybersecurity. Their approach is to increase their customers’ success by offering customized services and tailor-made solutions to promote the evolution of telecommunications industry in the region.

IFX Networks greatly appreciates SOPHOS for their continuous support and acknowledges their team’s talent and commitment. The company is focused on providing the best services and solutions in cybersecurity and supporting their customers data protection and business growth.