Inforum is a Guatemalan company with 17 years of experience in the digital transformation of regional companies. Inforum excels at providing efficient technology services, focusing its products on SAP technology.

Rodrigo Urrutia, their Customer Experience Manager, states that one of the company’s priorities is to provide confidence to its customers and for that, they required a strategic ally like IFX to meet a series of service characteristics.

What were your company’s goals and needs?

We had the challenge of offering our customers a professional service that would give them the confidence of having an SAP Business One system in the cloud. For this, we needed to find a supplier that worked together and provided us with a series of key benefits.

First, we needed them to have a certified infrastructure of servers compatible with SAP SQL and SAP HANNA, with state-of-the-art technology and constant innovation that ensured the customer operation efficiency. We also needed a provider with high-security standards for the data center where the information would be stored since we needed to guarantee that our customers’ information would be protected with a security percentage of 99.9% which is what IFX Networks offers us. It was necessary to give our customers confidence.

What solution did IFX offer?

IFX Networks provided a dedicated ERP cloud.

How did your company benefit from the solution offered by IFX Networks?

We were able to offer our customers a service that guaranteed 99.9% security in addition to faster data transmission that optimized operations.

Another fundamental benefit has been having fully available connection, whether it be from the office or from home. With the current pandemic situation, most people are working from their homes. Therefore, having the flexibility to connect to the internet from anywhere became a key point to have a provider like IFX Networks. This way, we have been able to offer cloud services that are so sought-after nowadays.

What do you think about your experience with IFX’s services?

I have no complaints regarding IFX Networks. They have always provided a state-of-the-art service anytime and anywhere. Their customer and technical service is exceptional and it is sincerely an honor for Inforum to have a strategic partner like IFX Networks to be able to deliver state-of-the-art technology to our customers. Their services allow us to achieve our goal of contributing to the continuous transformation of companies. It is important to mention that IFX has state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. They consistently use the most cutting-edge technology available on the market to be at the forefront of server issues, in addition to the security guarantee that IFX Networks offers.

IFX Networks offers us a dedicated private cloud service which is very important for us because the market currently only offers public cloud services. Most regional services are SAP Business One, and using public clouds makes it very complicated to run the ERP system. With a private cloud, we know specifically on which server and where your information is stored. This makes our response times much faster and repercussions much smaller because, usually, halting operations can seriously affect companies financially.

Therefore, we consistently need agile responses.

Likewise, being in a dedicated private cloud service provides much higher security which minimizes issues.

As service providers, we seek to give our customers the best service possible which you can only find in private cloud services.