INNTESEC is a company with a four-axes based strategy: Ethical Hacker, Compliance,

Security Awareness, Security Solutions & Services. Its ecosystem is based on digital transformation, a growth engine, cybersecurity as a trust accelerator, and user awareness to avoid fraud and economic losses. This strategy helps increase productivity and reduce risks for organizations.

According to Giovani Becerra, CEO & Owner of Inntesec, they currently maintain an alliance with IFX which allows them to complement their offer of cybersecurity services and continue to support the prevention of the multiple, daily threats.

What were your company’s goals and needs?

Within the needs that our customers have, one customer required a contact center and telephony service within the cloud which had to be integrated into the entire platform that we manage today through Microsoft. Therefore, when we presented the solution together with IFX, we were able to add value to our cybersecurity service with the new incorporated  services.

Therefore, we were able to complement the services we already offered and that applied to several companies. The customer had a certain supplier that did not meet a series of requirements nor did they comply with the expected service. On the other hand, the customer already knew us and had hired our services previously, so we decided to check the market and see how we could meet their needs. We reviewed several options and decided to work with IFX which ended up being a great decision.

What was the solution offered by IFX?

The solution provided includes a Contact Center and Cloud Telephony services that we have integrated with Microsoft 365 and added cybersecurity services.

How did the company benefit from the solution offered by IFX Networks?

I think that one of the interesting topics was that we made a presentation on our technical-economic proposal that was widely accepted. We managed to identify and, above all, confirm that what had been planned out was put into practice. This is very important when hiring a service, especially when we set goals based on what can be expected from us or, better yet, improve them by adding value to the Contact Center solution and Cloud Telephony with Microsoft 365 and cybersecurity services. I am deeply satisfied with how these services benefited our clients and, consequently, plan on maintaining our alliance with IFX Networks.

What has been the most significant difference between IFX Networks’ proposal and other companies?

In the market, there are not many agile, dynamic companies that comply with the services they describe in their proposals unlike IFX. I met one of the executives who worked with IFX and who introduced us to your company. She truly helped us trust your services. This was crucial in terms of choosing to work with IFX since the human factor of the relationship created a trustworthy bond to work with your company on this and future projects.

Could you give us your opinion on the experience you have had with IFX Networks regarding the service?

Based on my experience and testimony, the commercial and pre-sales team, along with the project implementation team, and the management involved in each project demonstrates their experience and shows that they are committed to carrying out their services despite situations that arise. The team never loses sight of the customer or their goals and gives solutions in a timely manner. The truth is that the experience has been quite positive in terms of service.

I also found the organization as a whole to be quite positive. Despite having a multinational structure, it is quite affordable. You can see the human quality in IFX which coincides with our own vision which is to focus on the customer and help them solve their problems as required.