IUDU COMPAÑÍA FINANCIERA S.A is a company with more than 10 years of experience covering the financial needs of the entire Argentine socioeconomic spectrum. To optimize costs and receive improved customer care, in 2021 they decided to contact IFX Network to provide connectivity for their offices, a decision that in the words of Christian Juarez, product Owner Technological Support, has surprised them.

What were your company’s goals and needs?

Our company has nationwide services in more than 170 sites which require connectivity. For this, we had been working with other suppliers that operate here in Argentina. However, we wanted to look for a new provider which is when we discovered IFX. The truth is that until then we did not know them, but we decided to invite them to participate in a renegotiation process for seven internet links . In that process, we chose to work with IFX and, honestly, the service has worked very well.

What solution did IFX Networks offer?

The solution consists of seven Internet links in Argentina.

How did the company benefit from the solution offered by IFX Networks?

The great challenge we had was to lower costs and in that IFX was crucial. In addition, once the service was working, we had no complaints because their SLAs or uptime were as expected.

This experience led us to decide to choose IFX to provide us with SD-WAN as a service for twenty-four sites. Not only did we improve costs, but we also incorporated more technology and bandwidth. We therefore assigned this project to IFX and it is currently in the implementation stage.

What has been the most significant difference between IFX Networks’ proposal and other companies?

I think the big difference is in the after-sales service, that is, in the account executive. When we worked with other providers, we usually had to talk to more than one person. On the other hand, the response time that IFX provides, added to the technical quality of the solution proposed, is something that we had never experienced before.

Could you give us your opinion on the experience you have had with IFX Networks regarding the service?

We have had an excellent experience and have been pleasantly surprised. The size of our company with a thousand collaborators and 170 points means that we need a partner with a national scope to provide connectivity to our branch network.

Now, with IFX, what surprised us is that we found a partner willing to work and collaborate with us, improve our internal service and propose new value-added solutions which is very important to us.