Nacional de Seguros is one of the most prominent Colombian risk insurance companies with experience in civil liability and contractual compliance. After hiring IFX Networks’ services, they praised our work ethic, commitment, and quality of service.

In this sense, Juan Pablo Benavides Gutierrez, Director of Technology and Personal Data Protection Officer spoke with us and told us about his experience.

What were your company’s goals and needs?

Nacional de Seguros could not guarantee the continuity of business operations nor could we guarantee internal and external perimeter security. We also lacked virtual desktop stability.

What solution did IFX Networks offer?

IFX Networks offered us highly available infrastructure and perimeter security for both networks, complying with all quality market standards. Additionally, it provided us with remote virtual desktops that allow the efficiency required by Nacional de Seguros.

How did the company benefit from the solution offered?

Thanks to IFX Networks, Nacional de Seguros has a scalable, secure, and highly available infrastructure that complies with every regulatory requirement and allows us to carry out good practices, making Nacional de Seguros’ operations more efficient

What do you think about your experience with IFX’s services?

IFX Networks has become a strategic ally for Nacional de Seguros due to its personalized service that provides timely solutions and continuous  support since its implementation. Additionally, IFX has given us service stability based on new quality market standards.