UC CHRISTUS is the most important private health care network in the country with prestigious teaching hospitals and clinics. The ongoing pandemic along with their mission to provide the highest quality of service, both internally and externally, resulted in their decision to hire IFX Networks’ internet connectivity solution which – in the words of José Luis Delgado, the Deputy Manager of Technology at UC CHRISTUS – has functioned smoothly.

What were your company’s goals and needs?

The idea was to hire a dedicated internet link with two objectives in mind: providing patients with their test results, and internet access to our virtual workplace called “My Work”. We started using this platform to work remotely a few days a week after the pandemic started.

What solution did IFX Networks offer?

IFX offered us an internet link.

How did the company benefit from the solution offered by IFX Networks?

We now have greater availability and redundancy in the services that our patients require and a workspace for our employees.

What has been the most significant difference between IFX Networks’ proposal and other companies?

The most significant difference is the executive, Evelyn, who consistently helps us and provides us with direct connection and communication.

Although we try to generate tickets every time we need to– although there have been very few times – we can talk to her at any time and request any needed information.

Could you give us your opinion on the experience you have had with IFX Networks regarding the service?

The experience has been great and has met our expectations. We have noted a difference with other providers in the market, given the more personalized service IFX provides.

I believe that simplicity is key. We have had no incidents nor failures. When we’ve needed support, they’ve been there. They have met our expectations as service providers and proven that the type of provider makes a difference since not all suppliers are the same.