UCaaS: The transformation of communication along with economic reactivation

Unified communication services are increasing corporate productivity

Corporate telephony improves HR talent and skills thanks to cloud benefits and collaborative advantages.

The cloud, which has been recognized for its leading role in accelerating digital transformation, is now taking on a new challenge: driving post-pandemic economic recovery. Its flexibility and scalability are trickling into one of the most important collaborative spaces among not only coworkers but also between companies and their customers: corporate telephony.

Corporate telephony, which used to require an analog telephone exchange, or PBX, has been replaced by IP telephony exchanges (Internet voice transmission).

This transformation had driven companies to upgrade simple voice communication systems to communication systems that incorporates live chat, instant messaging, and video conferencing, which in turn has motivated their partners to collaborate, implement teamwork, and provide better customer service.

The implementation of this infrastructure is called Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Although the technology is not new, it is experiencing a surge in popularity, mainly due to the rise in teleworking and the need to provide personalized customer service using different digital methods.

This new reality has been accompanied by economic recovery. Companies and organizations are striving to be more efficient in terms of cost reduction, resource optimization, infrastructure maintenance, improved availability, and information security.

According to Eder Castillo, Regional Product Specialist at IFX Networks, “The company has strategically responded to this new reality with IFX UcaaS, a solution that offers both basic and advanced cloud PBX extensions.”

Castillo states that, “The product was designed for our customers to enjoy all the benefits offered by Unified Communications as a Service.”

Each organization can choose their preferred options based on their budget and needs. While the basic extensions focus on incoming and outgoing calls, the advanced option includes a chat option and collaboration. This is possible thanks to the integration of Microsoft Teams, a platform that includes video conferencing, messaging, meeting, and office application features.

A key component is the softphone or software that enables Internet phone calls. The app associated to each employee’s extension can be downloaded from several different devices, including computers, cell phones and tablets. This optimizes call management in a remote work environment.

Regional support and benefits

The versatility of IFX UCaaS is supported by IFX Networks, a Managed Services Provider with 15 data centers in 17 countries that serves more than 4,000 corporate customers. The UCaaS platform’s vast experience, modern infrastructure, and support capacity guarantees the following benefits:

Cost savings. With a cloud-managed solution, companies no longer need to deal with costs associated with on-premises infrastructure maintenance, additional licenses, and annual support fees, as well as infrastructure-related costs.

Scalability. The platform is meant to grow with the company. New voice posts and additional services can be installed as needed.

Information security. This service has a georeferencing module. Its main objective is to grant access exclusively to sites that have been previously authorized by users and avoid electronic fraud.

National and international numbers. The company can request the integration of both national and international numbers into the service. This helps improve the company’s positioning.

Integration of existing numbers. An existing number can be integrated if the company already has a positioned number.

Return on investment. The initial cost of the platform is very low compared to traditional telephone exchange solutions. Since the service is hosted in the IFX Networks cloud, organizations will not have to deal with additional costs related to infrastructure obsolescence.

IFX Networks is here to help its Latin American customers in their digital transformation processes with its Unified Communications as a Service solution, providing each customer with widely available alternatives for mobility, collaboration, and work safety, states Eder Castillo.