With more than 55 years of experience in Chile, this family business was conceived as a family company dedicated to providing hardware/industrial services and products. It currently represents more than 150 foreign brands and 80 national brands in wholesale and industrial sectors.

Their permanent concern for customers and the need to provide a first-class service prompted them to search for a technological partner capable of providing them with the support they needed. We spoke with Ángel Villar, Logistics and IT Manager.

What were your company’s goals and needs?

What brought us to IFX was the migration of physical servers to the cloud. We reviewed different options looking for a price/quality balance. We recently had a very bad cloud experience with another provider which had once been considered a prestigious market competitor. However, the complexity of their servers finally made us withdraw from the contract.

That’s how we came to IFX and started integrating our servers. We migrated and saw that they had a lot of experience, data centers, and replicas in Latin America, something that is certainly appreciated in terms of speed. We gradually incorporated our servers one by one, until we reached the six that we currently have that support the entire operation.

What solution did IFX Networks offer?

We have virtual servers, which are technically managed by IFX and, most importantly, incremental backups. The latter allows us to safeguard daily operational changes. This means that in case of a major contingency, we do not have to worry about losing important data. This is highly appreciated in the world of computing.

How did the company benefit from the solution offered by IFX Networks?

I think that within the benefits we obtained thanks to this solution we can mention security, stability, and functionality. This is mainly because we can continue to operate even when there are power outages. In addition, unlike what happens with most large data centers, with IFX we have exceptional speed. Generally, when one has several cyclical and redundant revenues, speed can decrease and this can be fatal for ERPs, especially for ours which is highly transactional. Therefore, we found the bidirectional speed we needed with IFX. In conclusion, four main benefits of their service include security, stability, backups, and speed.

What has been the most significant difference between IFX Networks’ proposal and other companies?

We highly appreciate the executive’s one-on-one communication. Sometimes the human factor is left aside, but in this case, it has been very relevant. I also highlight their insistence – although it is strange to say so- but it has to do with the desire to serve us and their willingness to show us the product options they have. On the other hand, the costs of their high-quality services are reasonable. Additionally, IFX proves that they care about their customers and provide excellent customer service. This allows us to rely on a professional team, even through channels like WhatsApp. This contrasts greatly with our previous provider which handed us resources but didn’t orient us in terms of how to use them. Initially, it didn’t seem like a problem, but when you go through a contingency or need assistance, it is highly appreciated to have an ally that can help you during the process.

Could you give us your opinion on the experience you have had with IFX Networks regarding the service?

It has been a rewarding experience because we feel that we made the right choice with IFX. We relied on a product that was finally what we were looking for. In addition, I am pleasantly surprised with the new option of being able to generate tickets through multiple channels: via text, email, or to even assign ourselves to an executive through WhatsApp which has been highly beneficial.

With IFX everything is digital, including the contract signing process and any other procedure. The above-mentioned aspects, in addition to the great contribution that the executive has made by presenting projects or visiting us constantly to check on how we are doing or if we need assistance – has made us loyal customers and, in that sense, I can safely say that we are satisfied with the service provided by IFX.