IFX KUBE is a platform designed for container management and orchestration, enabling deployment automation, scalability and management of applications in container environments in an efficient and reliable manner.


Our Benefits

  • Scalability

    Automatically scales applications to meet traffic demands.

  • High availability

    Ensures that applications are always available, even if a server fails.

  • Load balancing

    Automatically distributes the workload among containers and nodes.

  • CI/CD Methodology

    Tools used in software engineering to automate and accelerate the software development and delivery process.

  • HA Replication

    Possibility of inter-data center / geographically dispersed kubernetes replication add-on.

World Networks

Managed Cloud

Dedicated and secure cloud for corporations, enterprises and government entities. Build your infrastructure or migrate your servers and data to IFX Networks, obtaining unmatched added value.



Support 7x24x365

Based on ITIL best practices.

+ Managed Cloud Solutions


    It is a Microsoft Office 365 suite solution (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and One Drive) that is purchased as a service through monthly recurrences, offering secure access to all your information to emails, calendars, Office Web Apps and web conferencing, as well as file sharing.


    IFX VDI Plus is a solution that enables companies to offer virtual desktops to their employees via the cloud. Instead of running applications and storing data on local devices, VDI as a service provides virtual desktops hosted on remote servers.This approach offers several significant advantages. First, it eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware equipment, as virtual desktops run on remote servers. This significantly reduces capital expenditures and simplifies hardware management.


    IFX Cloud Server is the service that allows us to provide our customers with computing and data storage resources using cloud servers, through public (Internet) or private (MPLS and EPL) data networks, with the efficiency, scalability, redundancy and high availability that your company needs.

  • IFX STaaS

    IFX Storage as a Service (STaaS) is a service model where IFX NETWORKS makes available a cloud storage system.