It is the ideal business Internet for medium and large companies that require an exclusive IP traffic connection, allowing them to have a connection with guaranteed bandwidth (upstream and downstream) to the Internet backbone, ensuring optimal performance for critical business applications.

premium internet

Our Benefits

  • Best latencies in the market

    Experience the lowest average latency in the market for your company's critical applications.

  • IXPS connection

    International backbone with connection to local IXPs in the region.

  • Guaranteed bandwidth

    Receive what you actually contract, 100% delivery of the contracted bandwidth 1:1, no reuse.

  • Cost reduction

    Predictable cash flow, by paying for resources (hardware and software) provisioned in a service model, instead of acquiring assets.

  • Monitoring

    Continuous management of the network with the best quality standards and specialized engineers.

World Networks

Managed Network

Connect your entire business regardless of location and without disrupting your business continuity, through highly efficient data transport with fast Internet speeds to achieve high connectivity capacity.



High availability

Availability 99.7% or 99.9%.


International Standardized Service

Standardized service in the countries of operation.


24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring with ITIL

Proactive 7X24X365 monitoring system based on ITIL best practices.


Bilingual Focus Group

Assignment of Focus Group Point, with attention in Spanish and English.


IP Assignment (IPv4/IPv6)

Assignment of IPv4 or IPv6 addressing.


IP Redundancy for Continuity

Redundant IP architecture that enables business continuity.

+ Managed Network Solutions


    It is ideal for companies whose operations involve sites with different geographical locations, offering a secure transmission of information in a single MPLS network, ensuring high availability, reliability and performance for demanding Business to Business applications, using Quality of Service (QoS) parameters.

  • IFX Secure SD-WAN

    IFX - Secure SDWAN enables enterprises to securely support application growth, network agility and simplify new branch office deployments, while providing reliable, high-performance access to cloud services, private data centers and SaaS-based enterprise applications.


    It allows establishing dedicated and private circuits between our customers and the different public clouds: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud, Oracle, among others, supported by one of the most robust backbones in the region.


    It complements dedicated connectivity services, mainly designed to increase availability, allowing up to 99.98%. This product operates under the local cellular network in each country, guaranteeing a different means of communication, which drastically reduces the probability of failure.