Facilitates the security of Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks. This next-generation solution integrates innovative technology making it the most complete on the market.

endpoint protection

Our Benefits

  • Total Protection

    Protects against known and unknown threats, leveraging deep learning methodology.

  • Cryptoguard

    CryptoGuard technology stops malicious encryption attempts on hard drives, USB devices and network shares.

  • Intelligent protection

    Deny attacks by blocking vulnerabilities and techniques used by attackers to distribute malware, steal credentials and avoid detection.

  • Detailed analysis

    Of the root cause of an attack: where did it start, what did it touch, how far did it spread, what should be done next?

  • Quick cleaning

    It pulverizes malware and tracks down nasty remnant files and registry keys, all with blazingly fast scanning speeds.

World Networks

Managed Security

Protect your business from cyber threats with our highly trained cybersecurity services, keep your infrastructure secure, preserve the integrity of your data and safeguard your reputation, trust us to meet any digital challenge.



Exploit Prevention

Prevention of unsigned exploits.


Automatic Malware Detection

Machine learning for malware detection with managed firewall.


Comprehensive Ransomware Protection

More complete protection against ransomware.


Real-Time Intelligence and Detection

Malicious traffic detection + real-time threat intelligence.

+ Managed Security Solutions


    Protects the perimeter network and customer information efficiently and securely through a centralized solution in high availability, optimizes the Internet channel, ensures business continuity and access security, becoming a great differential for Cloud and Connectivity services.

  • IFX SOCaaS

    Security Solution, which in a dedicated and organized manner centralizes, monitors, prevents, detects, evaluates and responds to cybersecurity threats and incidents to ensure compliance with regulations and legal requirements.


    Protects critical operating servers and the data contained within organizations, as well as applications and information on virtual machines or physical servers. Providing comprehensive protection specifically for servers, combining zero-prevention exploits and anti-hacking with deep learning malware detection and anti-ransomware technology.


    Proactive security service against cyber threats that acts as the first line of defense for your company in the digital world. We perform a complete systems audit of your company, assessing risks, and penetration testing to identify and correct vulnerabilities. Our team of security experts provides customized recommendations and a detailed report, offering specialized consulting to strengthen your security posture.


    Advanced security services offer comprehensive and proactive protection against digital threats. From early detection to effective response, they use advanced technologies and intelligent analytics to safeguard your digital assets, ensuring a robust defense in an ever-evolving cyber environment.