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Why IFX?

At IFX Networks, we are a great choice because of our position as a leading innovator in information and communications technology solutions. Our teams, comprised of elite professionals, are known for their leadership, creativity and high performance. With more than 25 years of experience, we are present in more than 17 countries in the Americas, offering a collaborative and multicultural environment.

Joining IFX Networks means being part of a global community where diversity of ideas and perspectives is valued. We believe in the power of innovation driven by the multiplicity of experiences.



At IFX Networks, we don't just offer you a job, we invite you to be part of a company where your happiness and well-being are our priority. Our benefits go beyond the ordinary, designed to positively impact you and your family's life.

From personal and professional development programs to initiatives that promote a healthy work/life balance, at IFX Networks we strive to provide you with not just a career, but an enriching experience. Join us and discover how your success and personal growth are the foundation of our unique work culture.


It is a wellness tool, where you can have access to unlimited wellness consultations for you and your family in relation to: psychological counseling, life coaching, nutrition and diet, exercise and sports, financial counseling and image consulting, through a special membership with the Stability wellness platform.


Recognition culture, we are fans of your work, so you can be part of our communication and recognition network, where we will applaud your abilities and where you can interact with each member of the team in a dynamic and fun way.

IFX University

In our Corporate University that will help you learn more about IFX Networks and boost your technical development. Every month you can discover new topics and improve your technical skills and knowledge of our portfolio of products and services.


When starting new challenges, our Knowledge Path IFX and the challenge table will be your great ally. You define at which level you want to be, since you will have at your disposal different training and challenges to advance towards your final goal. You will find great surprises for each challenge you complete.

More benefits without limits

  • Birthday Afternoon

    We want them to sing happy birthday to you, we want you to receive lots of calls and hugs from those who love you, so we give you the afternoon of your birthday free to celebrate.

  • Grade Day

    We celebrate your achievements and are happy to see you grow, so on the day of your graduation you will have the day off so you can concentrate on receiving your diplomas and celebrating with those who love you.

  • Moving Day

    If you move on a weekday, we will provide you with this day so that you can settle in as well as possible in your new home.

  • Marriage

    You will be able to enjoy two days of marriage leave when you get married.

  • Special Discounts

    We have strategic allies in the health, financial, insurance and educational sectors so that you have discounts on the services you require.

  • Academic Support

    You can receive funding in technical certification training, with a permanency agreement, according to the established policy that you will learn about below.

  • Extended Maternity Leave

    We know that your maternity will be one of the most important stages in your life, that's why we want you to share more time with your baby, that's why you can enjoy one (1) additional week so you don't miss the best moments with your children.

  • Extended Paternity Leave

    We want you to be able to accompany your family a little more in this important new stage; therefore, you will have two (2) additional days to do so.

  • Major Celebrations

    Every special date will be an excuse to make you feel how important you are to us! That's why you should be prepared to participate in all our activities that aim to surprise you with a smile at any time.

  • Flexible Vacations

    You can request your vacation whenever you want! You do not have to have completed one year of seniority to request them and you do not need to take your whole period in a row, you can split it and take at least 6 days in advance because we want you to have flexibility when taking your vacations.

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At IFX Networks, our values are the fundamental pillar of our corporate culture. Similar to the DNA that resides in every human being, our Titanium DNA incorporates various elements that distinguish us, and guide the optimal development and performance of all of us who are part of IFX. Titanium DNA is more than just a concept; it is a state of mind that permeates the environment within the company. This state of mind is transmitted and can be evidenced in every member and work team that is formed in our company. At IFX Networks, we value the uniqueness of each person and foster a culture rooted in principles that promote personal and professional growth that represents the resilience, durability and excellence we seek in every aspect of our work. Join us and experience the unique essence of our culture based on Titanium DNA, where each individual contributes to the constant strengthening and growth of IFX Networks.

Contributor testimonials

Working at IFX Networks means that every day represents a new challenge, an opportunity to learn and grow with a close-knit and exceptional team.IFX Networks is characterized by a culture of innovation and constant updating. The work environment is dynamic and the company offers multiple training and development opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge.from the CEO to the different work teams, there is a culture of collaboration and mutual support that allows you to feel accompanied at all times.if you are looking for a challenging job, where you can learn and grow constantly, surrounded by an exceptional team, IFX Networks is the ideal company.

Ricardo Corrales : Business Engineering Manager - Colombia

Today I have been asked why I have been with IFX for so many years? The answer can be summed up in simple words: continuous growth, constant challenges and a great family that we all make up, where closeness and good treatment are valued. I feel blessed to share with a great group of people with tremendous professionals and wonderful people who give their best every day, creating bonds that I still maintain with many who are no longer with me, I invite each of you to give your best every day, the future is created by us. It is up to you to be the protagonist of it.

José Serrano
José Serrano | Regional Billing and Collections Leader - Chile

Today we are increasingly aware of the importance of being in a good work environment, with benefits and valuable relationships that are created in the place where we work, and at IFX that has become more important than ever.Simple things like disconnecting from work issues at the end of the shift, having the flexibility to request vacation days, good benefits and a horizontal organizational policy in which it is easy to communicate with all areas; are important points that have given me the peace of mind of having found a company where I care about improving and growing professionally, as well as contributing to the growth of the company in my country.

Ruben Armando Castillo
Ruben Armando Castillo : Commercial Analyst - Panama

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